Sunday, April 02, 2006

Impressed they are...

I could still recall few weeks ago, when my PDA stunned everyone in my team.

It was my department's bi-weekly X-ray conference with the radiology unit. Half way through the meeting, the radiologist mentioned a syndrome called "Maffucci Syndrome", but she could not really recall the exact definition of it. Everyone in the hall was puzzled with this bombastic term anyway. I saw my specialist even scratching his head looking puzzled too.

Then I whipped out my Pocket PC and ran through the syndrome list from a freeware called "Eponyms" and whoalah... "Maffucci Syndrome is enchondromatosis associated with soft tissue hemangiomas; associated with ovarian carcinomas and brain gliomas; essentially Ollier's disease with hemangiomas".

After blurping out those statements, I could see everyone in the hall staring at me in envy. Then my specialist broke the silence by saying,"Gosh, I think your that little computer can replace all the textbooks in the market now!"

Indeed it can! :)


DaViD_BRaNDoN said...

Exactly! Used to have to carry lots of Engineering manual around but now it's just Pocket PC. Also, it never fail to "wow" others with what it can do to enhance lifestyle, both at work and play :)

Chen said...

Eponyms is a very useful programme.. and better still, it is free !! I have been using this programme for the past few years, and definitely... no regret :)